The Classic Naturopathic Route or Structured Health Program?

The answer to this navigational dilemma really lies in how you like to roll...

Do you prefer to have your trip laid out ahead of time or figure it out as you go? Either way, you’ll be super well taken care of and will reach your destination in the end. It’s just what you’re most comfortable with along the way. And like any good road trip? Your plans can change and we’ll adjust accordingly. Like we said, we’ve got you covered!

The Classic Route

If you choose the Classic Naturopathic Route, we work visit by visit.  We take a thorough and detailed health history on our first visit together, conduct a focused physical exam and discuss any necessary diagnostic testing on our second visit, and then really get things rolling on our third and subsequent visits.

In these first few sessions together, we get crystal clear about what’s going on for you and choose a starting point for how we’re going to address it.  The time it will take to resolve the issue(s) depends on what’s happening and how you respond to the medicines and care provided.

Everyone is different and so the roadmap we create is unique to you.  And just so you know?  Like taking the scenic route on a road trip, the Naturopathic Classic Route is worth every curve in the road!

Take the Classic Route

Services Menu

  • First Visit (1 Hour): $165
  • Second Visit (1 Hour): $105
  • Return Visits (30 minutes): $80
  • Acupuncture Single Visit: $90
  • Acupuncture Package of 6: $460 ($80 savings)
  • Women’s Wellness (PAP test & physical): $90
  • Cervical Cap Fitting: $95
  • Missed Visit Fee: $50 (charged if less than 24hours given)

DCN’s Structured Health Programs

Our Structured Programs are designed for those that prefer to plan as much of their trip as possible before they hit the road.  Of course, you can’t plan for everything, but it doesn’t hurt to try!

With each of our Structured Programs, your first 5 visits are included in your package, as well as 2 coaching calls and all of your support materials, tailored to your specific program.  Diagnostic labwork is not included but provided at a promotional rate to support your program goals.

Services Menu

  • Health Packages: $510 ($160 savings)
  • Health Packages are charged as a one-time fee, paid at the start of your program.
  • Lab fees are not included in the health packages but are provided at a promotional rate to support your program goals. Lab fees vary depending upon the specific labs ordered.

Start Smart

This program is designed to meet you wherever you’re at on your fertility journey: Whether you’re planning a pregnancy, already pregnant or nurturing your little one(s) along, now is the perfect time to START SMART!

Fast Track

The Fast Track is a condensed program designed for those wanting to jump-start their health. With rigorous changes to diet & lifestyle habits, the Fast Track is like bootcamp ~ not for the faint of heart but it will provide results!

Healthy Weight

Our weightloss program is different from most: our focus is on understanding why you are holding weight (hormone imbalances, toxicity, food sensitivities…) so that your body can effectively and permanently LET IT GO!

the Last Drag

If quitting were easy, you’d be done already! We know it’s difficult & we’re here to help. We’ll approach it biochemically, physiologically & compassionately ~ giving you a wicked toolkit to make this your LAST DRAG!
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