Truth Be Told...

Our medical practice has grown because of the amazing stories our patients and colleagues tell about us and the work we do. We are humbled and grateful for the courage it takes to tell these vulnerable truths. Thank-you!

Dr. Reid has been a huge support to me and my health for years. She has helped me prepare for and stay healthy throughout my pregnancy, and later provided guidance to help me heal from an autoimmune condition. Dr. Reid is incredibly knowledgeable, warm and compassionate, and is highly skilled in her profession. As a fellow healthcare practitioner, I highly respect and trust her, and will continue to refer others to her as well.

Joanna, H., 2017
I have been a patient of Dr. Reid’s for about 2 1/2 years and she is by far the best health care practitioner I’ve ever had. She is wonderful at pinpointing where my health concerns stem from and helps me find my way back to better health. Dr. Reid has a remarkable ability for coming up with everyday life analogies to help explain how the body works. I teach at the university level and feel well educated every time I leave her office. She is the first doctor I’ve ever had who is interested in knowing the big picture of my life and how that connects with my physical well-being.

Sharon, M., 2015
Dr. Reid is fantastic. After a couple of sessions, I was referred for food sensitivity testing. With that and other medical records, we were able to nail down the root cause of my issues — digestive. I was very responsive to the natural medication prescribed and diet recommendations, and the results have been amazing! Whole body healing and restored balance overall. My energy / alertness are reaching levels I have not had in a decade. I even had other issues disappear like eczema / asthma that I have had for many years!

I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Reid without hesitation.

Alvin C., 2016
As a healthcare professional who believes in a team approach to wellness, I can’t speak highly enough of Dr. Reid as a valuable member of the healthcare team. We share many clients and they all speak highly of her and their health as a result of working with her. Knowledgeable, caring, and thorough in her management of her clients, Dr. Reid is a strong asset to the Vancouver medical community.

Timberly George Ambler, 2016, Physiotherapist, City Sports & Physiotherapy Clinic, Vancouver BC
Photo Credit:  Lee Anderson

I love Dr Reid! She is one of the most compassionate and caring doctors I have ever had. Me and my children have been seeing her for 5 years. She is the only doctor my kids get excited to go and see! Dr. Reid has helped guide and treat me through some serious health issues. I don’t know what I would have done without her.

Joelene, M., 2018

I don’t know where to begin! After getting increasingly worse over 2 years, running from one MD to the next, multiple tests, and what seemed to be something I just had to live with, Dr. Reid turned my life around after only 4 months of working with her. My day to day quality of life has increased 100%. We still have some more work to do, but I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Dr. Reid is incredible knowledgeable, analytic and scientific, with just the right amount of holistic ‘mind and spirit’ approach. I highly recommend working with her. You will tell all your friends and family about her, like I have. Thanks Dr. Reid!

Bianca, S., 2018
Dear Dr. Reid,

I want to say a very very special thank you to you and for all you have done for me over these years! It’s been your vision, your care and your tenacity that has helped me arrive at this place [of greater health]. You’ve given me this wonderful opportunity to see how my thoughts and my actions can actually create my own health and I am so grateful! Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

In greatest awe, respect and gratitude for you.

Ange, F., 2014

I couldn’t possibly say enough good things about Dr. Martha Reid! She changed my life. I have sent other friends to her as well, and everyone absolutely loves her. I originally saw her in 2015 when I was facing a health crisis. I was beside myself, and my GP of 19 years had just retired, so I was extremely lost and terrified. I have since gotten another GP, but I continue to see Dr. Reid, and I actually just had a complete physical with her including a Pap test the other day, and this could not of been a better experience. I truly can’t say enough! She is incredibly wise and I would trust her with my life. The whole team at her clinic literally goes “above and beyond”. Dr. Reid is professional, kind, smart as a whip, with an unparalleled bedside manner. She is a credit to her profession. I am someone who takes their health very seriously and I could not be more grateful, or feel more blessed to have such an amazing Doctor! Hope she never retires! Thank you Dr.Reid for all you do. You are a true credit to your profession.

Lori L., 2017
Dr. Reid is a truly fabulous health care practitioner! I have been wrestling with stomach issues for years and was finally diagnosed with celiac disease a few years ago. I experienced immediate positive results after working with Dr. Reid. My wife has suffered from daily and debilitating headaches for ten years and, through working with Dr. Reid, has dramatically fewer and less intense headaches. Dr. Reid’s practice of care is unmatched and her knowledgeable approach to holistic health has been life changing for our family.
Chris G., 2018
Dr. Martha Reid has changed my life. She has guided me through major health and life issues with care, compassion and the highest level of clinical expertise I have encountered. I’m so delighted with the service and care provided that I recommend Martha to my friends and colleagues. In one year she helped me get from 5km runner to first time marathoner! Thank you Dr. Reid!
Caitriona, M., 2015
AMAZING!! Simply the best!

Intuitive, thorough, highly knowledgeable, compassionate and a good listener. Dr. Reid truly cares for the whole person.

From the moment I met Dr. Reid, she won my trust and confidence immediately and I knew I was not only in the right place, but in the very best of hands. I am so excited about my personal health journey with her and the awesome results I am already seeing.

I highly recommend her!

Kim T., 2016

Dr Martha Reid changed my life.

Words cannot express how much she has impacted my overall perspective on MY health.

I first went to see her to address my adult acne 4 years ago. It was a so hard for me to accept that my skin could look the way it did … I was devastated. I’ll never forget the day I met Martha and her telling me “you will never feel this way again”. … and she was right. Slowly after a few months of food sensitivity testing, adrenal support, working on my gut health, and liver support I started seeing changes. Martha worked within my limited budget for this entire process. She also gave me simple and easy remedies or ideas I could do at home or in my diet to see quicker results.

Martha isnt just suppliments and remedies. The true gift of her healing is in who she is as a person and how she lifts me up in ever visit with her humour, compassion, and attention.

Steph, C., 2018

Dr. Reid was the first doctor to properly diagnose a health condition I had – but she also supported me through my journey of acceptance and healing. Pushing onward to see the right specialist, I would not be where I am today if it were not for all of her help. She is kind, compassionate, innovative, supportive, knowledgeable and so much more. She is a well rounded ND whom I trust wholeheartedly and I could not ask for a better doctor.

Siobhan K., 2017

Martha is one of the best naturopaths I’ve been to. She is empathetic, understanding and will help guide you through different solutions brining you to your peak health. I was chronically unwell for just over a year and I don’t think I would have been able to get through it with out her help.

Ryley, B., 2018

I have been working with Martha for just over a month. She has provided a safe foundation for one of the biggest physical and emotional shifts of my life to date. Her authenticity, will amaze you and open your heart to the possibility of healing by loving the nature and truth of your digestive system.

I am so grateful for the hope I found working with Martha.

Annalise S., 2018
I came to see Dr. Martha Reid to help get my body prepared for pregnancy, and then to deal with some unexpected women’s health issues. Unlike the allopathic doctors I have seen, she has provided consistent, unfaltering support for my physical, emotional and spiritual health the whole way through.

As a health care practitioner myself with a strong belief in holistic care, I have to say that Dr. Reid is superb at it. Not only is she thorough, knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to provide top notch care, but she is also a kind and genuine person with a huge heart.

With Dr. Reid as my ND, I feel very well cared for, treated with the utmost respect, and empowered to be in control of my own health. She is, and always will be, my primary health care provider.

Thank you, Dr. Reid!

Joanna H., 2015
Hi Dr. Reid,

I am very grateful to have found you; you have inspired me to honour my body and more importantly, you have inspired my husband so much to the point he is asking for his daily vitamins which is a big change as he refused to take them before.

Thanks for not only doing a great job as a doctor but for being so passionate about helping your patients get healthy that one can’t help it but to feel motivated to live a healthier life.

Kindest Regards,
Luisa P.

Luisa P., 2014
Before seeing Dr. Reid, I was frustrated with the care I was receiving from my general practitioner. After multiple dismissals, I took my health into my own hands. I never heard of Naturopathic medicine before until I met Dr. Reid at a workshop on alternate ways of birth control. I was inspired to hear an alternative perspective to health.

Immediately, I was drawn to Dr. Reid. She has a light to her that I knew she could help me. Dr. Reid’s proactive knowledge enlightens you and gives power back to the individual, by helping to understand their body. She takes the time to listen to you and provides easy to understand explanations to what may be happening to your health.

Dr. Reid’s intuition, empathy and intelligence make her the successful Doctor she is today. I have been a patient with her for less than a year and in that short time my health has turned around for the better. She has helped given me the tools I need to be a healthier me. Thank you Dr. Reid!

Jamie MacDonald, 2013

Above and beyond!!!
Dr. Reid is warm, welcoming and incredibly smart! After a scary diagnosis, I was feeling completely let down and lost in the conventional medical system and she was the only person who made me feel cared about, validated and in control of my health! Dr. Reid took the time and energy to learn about my entire health history, diet, lifestyle, exercise regime, stress levels, sleep cycles, work circumstances, family situation, relationships and how all of them related to my illnesses and symptoms. By doing so, she was able to connect the dots of my health picture and explain to me how the systems in my body are connected and why symptoms and illnesses were showing up. With compassionate support, tools, supplementation, diet and lifestyle recommendations – she completely changed my health picture. I felt engaged, supported and in control of my health – and most of all – I felt so much better! I was able to stop taking the pharmaceuticals that were causing horrible side effects and creating other serious conditions in my body. Not only that, but she is willing to collaborate with medical doctors and specialists to provide the best possible healthcare solutions to her patients. Dr. Reid acknowledged the emotional aspect of my health situation as well. With empathy and compassion, she supported me through some extremely tough situations and taught me how to navigate challenging family and relationship issues with zero judgement! I am so grateful to Dr. Reid – I would recommend her to anyone! After 4 years with her as my primary healthcare provider, I can’t imagine where I would be without her help! Thank you Dr. Reid!

Tarah, D., 2018
In my most vulnerable of moments you have offered me great support and the most comforting of care. The genuine compassion you bring to your practice is profoundly healing.

With thanks & gratitude.

Harmony Z., 2015
I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your guidance and support with my health –what you have helped me uncover about myself and my well-being in the time that we have worked together is invaluable. Your intuition and ability to get to the root cause of symptoms is remarkable. I can say with confidence you were a huge part in my successful journey to better health. Thank you so much!
Kaitey V., 2016
Dr. Reid is one of the most promising naturopathic physicians I have met; her approach is comprehensive and true to naturopathic principles. With great care and a nurturing style, patients simply love her!
Dr. Aaron Hoo, 2012, ND, MD candidate

I have been Dr Reid’s patient for over 2 years and have been extremely happy with the marked improvement in my health! She is very knowledgeable,respectful, kind and present.She works on both a physical and emotional level and I have always felt very comfortable sharing personal information with her. Thank you, Dr Reid!

Pat F., 2017

Bowen Therapy Testimonials

I have been doing Bowen for almost a year now, and it has changed my life!

I started Bowen Therapy on recommendation because of a long standing condition I’d been battling with, Plantar fasciitis. I had so much pain when walking that I was spending far too much time trying to find the right shoes to relieve the pain and ending up with many shoes and no pain relief. From the minute I walked through the door Andrea made me feel so welcome.  She listens, she really cares and it shows.  What she does is so delicate, using her fingers to gently make manoeuvres, and then you suddenly feel this rush of warmth flowing through your body.

After about 3 sessions I felt amazing, not only had my feet started to feel so much better, I mentioned I had injured my knee and we began to focus on it with great success!  I’m not limping around the office, even my co-workers have seen the change. I walk taller and without pain everyday.

This past spring Andrea helped me with my allergies. I feel like I came in for a specific problem and now [Bowen] has become a part of my life.  It’s magical relaxing therapy!

The best part is you leave the session feeling extremely relaxed and the lasting effect continues.

I’ve have had great success with Bowen, it’s changed my life!

Diana, L.

I first saw Andréa for a pulled back muscle from jazzersizing and I had tried everything to help but nothing worked. I was getting so bad I was referred to Andréa from my naturopathic doctor.  I was sceptical but I needed to deal with this. I went and 3 sessions later I was back to normal. This was a miracle in my mind.  I highly recommend Bowen therapy if your struggling with pain.  Believe me you have nothing to lose.

Cate, B.

Andréa is a gem! She was able to stop the shooting pains down my legs. I tried massage therapy and chiropractic but it wasn’t helping.  I’m so happy I had an open mind to give Bowen Therapy a try.

Joleen, S.

The Bowen treatments that I have received from Andréa have saved my career as a professional dancer and choreographer. I’ve tried every method of healing like physiotherapy, chiropractic, and deep tissue massage. (The list goes on!) But the Bowen treatments from Andréa have by far been the best! I can now rotate my hips without screeching pain and move freely as the dancer I want to be. I am Andréa’s biggest fan and avid client! Thank you Andréa!!!

Carla, C.

I could not walk properly due to a fall. My leg would buckle and I had to be careful not to fall. I would walk along the walls to stabilize myself. My leg was numb and nobody knew why.  I had been to rehab for 5 weeks and physio did not know what was wrong or how to treat it.

Then I read about Andréa and Bowen treatments. I had one treatment  and noticed a difference right away!

I continued going and was able to get rid of the cane. I am able to go shopping, go for walks and do my housework. This was all a big problem before – I even had to quit my job because I was too unstable on my leg. I now go for a “tune-up” once in a while. Andréa and Bowen helped me, where no one else was able to help. I definitely recommended Andréa and Bowen.

Rose, G.

Andréa’s grasp of Bowen disciplines was to me most comforting. What impressed me most of all was her in depth knowledge of the whole ‘alternative medicine’ industry. Andréa understands that results come not only through therapy, but through the marriage of Bowen, diet and lifestyle.  It is her skill in combining these facets into an overall approach to life that makes her techniques so unique and so effective.

Lincoln, G.

After a fall on a piece of ice I was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff in my shoulder.  Surgery was recommended but with the risks and no guarantee I decided to try alternative treatments. Chiropractic treatments, physiotherapy and acupuncture didn’t even touch the excruciating pain and loss of movement.

A close friend recommended going to Andréa and trying Bowen Therapy. After talking to Andréa and listening to her I knew that I had come to the right person. After the first treatment I felt that I could walk on air, I felt so pain free.  The next day a little ache but much better. After two more sessions I have been pain free for two months!

I am now seeing Andréa for a degenerating disc and the pain from that I have lived with for over 20 years. I have always looked for a more holistic approach to healing myself and Bowen Therapy is the absolute best thing I have tried that works!!

Andréa is extremely knowledgeable and a compassionate practitioner.

Karen, F.

A year ago at this time I thought I was heading for a walker and a wheelchair in the near future due to health issues.  A friend told me about the Bowen Therapy and how it had helped her when she had an injury to her shoulder.  At this point in my life, after trying just about every kind of treatment, I was desperate for some relief from the constant pain I was dealing with.  I have to admit that I was a little skeptical about this treatment when I went for my first appointment.  Andréa is such a lovely, welcoming, friendly, and caring person that I was soon very comfortable in her presence.  I am impressed with her professionalism and knowledge about her chosen field and have absolutely no problem recommending her to my friends.  I tell all my friends and family about how Andréa has helped me regain my life back.

I no longer use a walking cane or walking poles to get around, I now walk upright, I can go for short walks unaided, I am no longer in constant pain like I was before starting treatments, I am able to participate in some activities that were challenging for me, and my mental health is so much better now that I can do things again.

I am so thankful for Bowen Therapy and to Andréa for enabling me to live a better life!!

Lynne, G.