Skin.  It’s the first impression we put out to the world.  It’s what greets us every time we look in the mirror.  Our skin tells a story of where we’ve been and it can make or break how we feel about ourselves.  Thus the relationship we have with with our skin is powerful.

What goes on with our skin is what goes on within.

After years of working with skin – my own and that of my patients, I know without a doubt that our skin reflects what’s happening inside our bodies.  Food sensitivities, hormone imbalances, inflammation, toxicity… It all plays out in our skin. And our skin doesn’t lie.

Of course, what we put on our skin matters.  But what matters more, is what we put in our skin.

If your skin is struggling, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What am I eating that my body may not like?
  • How is my digestion?  Is it comfortable and regular (both timing & consistency) every day?
  • How are my hormones?  Am I taking hormones?
  • Do I take medication? Natural or not?
  • What is my sleep like? Do I sleep?
  • How’s my mood?
  • What stresses me out? What am I doing about it?
  • How are my relationships?  Am I happy?  Do I love my life and what I do?
  • How do I feel about myself?
  • Am I free to be me?
  • Am I safe?

This quick inventory gives a fairly accurate roadmap to what might be causing your skin disturbances.  Of course, many of these questions lead to difficult answers.  And sometimes, these are answers that we don’t know how to change, or that leave us feeling discouraged or trapped.  I get that.

But the good news is, that in my experience, even if we can’t change all of the circumstances negatively affecting our skin, we can change enough of them that our skin can begin to heal.  Sometimes all it takes is a few little steps in the right direction, and the impact can be huge.

What you change within, you see on your skin.

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