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Nutrition for Lockdown: Immune nutrients right in your produce drawer!

We've been getting calls daily from our patients and the public alike, looking for Vitamin C and other immune supports.  It seems, that next to toilet paper and hand sanny, these medicines have quickly become the hottest item in limited supply!  But thankfully, they're out there in abundance if you just know where to look! [...]

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My Comfort Food Medicine Meal!

The winter has been long and cruel on the germ front this year.  As the current global crises invades our consciousness, there is little room for calm in all the chaos.  The grocery store shelves are virtually empty of basic supplies, and there isn't a lick of hand sanny to be found.  How do we [...]

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Four Thieves Escape the Plague

In the world of aromatherapy, the Four Thieves is a famous tale.  The year was 1413.  The height of the Bubonic Plague in France.  Amongst the people, it was called 'the Black Death'.  As the tales go, if one was in the mere vicinity of an infected person, you would surely catch the ill humours [...]

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Pumpkin Chia Immune Booster Pudding

The biggest sugar festival of the year has just ended, and as the lights in the jack-o-lanterns wink out, so does our immune function.  Many of us wake up in the week after Hallowe'en with a sugar hangover.  What does this look like you ask?  A cold! A flu!  That bug you're fighting may just [...]

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Friday Fun Food Fact: Pumpki-licious Pumpkin Pie!

Digging into the freezer this morning in search of something easy for supper, I came across the last of my frozen pumpkin stores.  I decided to bake one last pumpki-licious pumpkin pie and figured it would be absolutely evil to keep such a good thing all to myself!  So putting an extra penny or two [...]

Friday Fun Food Fact: Cinnamon!

As Autumn marches towards Winter, cinnamon is cropping up everywhere. And rightly so, since it is an incredibly warming spice and a great choice as the weather turns colder!  But beyond it's warming effects, cinnamon has a ton of health benefits. First of all, cinnamon helps control blood sugar.  This makes it the perfect condiment [...]

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Friday Fun Food Fact: Healthy Hallowe’en!

Happy Hallowe'en! Many people will begin celebrating this weekend with lots of indulgences - especially sugar and alcohol. Here are a few tips on how to enjoy this holiday in a healthy way without compromising your fun! Hallowe'en Trick #1: Don't skip meals When planning a big evening out, many folks tend to eat sparingly [...]

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Friday Fun Food Facts: Fall Foods

There is no doubt that Fall has arrived here in Vancouver ~ crisp morning air, a fireshow of colour and on the rare side for Vancouver?  Clear blue skies!  As the temperatures drop, it's the perfect time to nourish our immune systems.  And what better way to do this than through our food?  Traditional Chinese [...]

Friday Fun Food Fact: Honey

Honey.  So sweet.  So wild.  So delicious.  So healing!  Honey is made of 80% sugar, with water and minerals making up the rest.  Beyond its' obvious use as a sweetener, it makes an excellent preservative.  Being both antiseptic and antibacterial, it is also a superb ointment for wounds. During cold and flu season, a jar of [...]

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Friday Fun Food Fact: Corn

A late summer BBQ isn't complete without corn on the cob, and we're not the first culture to feel this way!   Corn has been a long time staple of Native American cultures, the Mayans, Incas and Aztecs.  Early varieties came in a rainbow of colours, featuring white, yellow, red and even black/purple kernels. Today, [...]

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