Our Mission & Core Values

Our mission & core values are what make us different. They inform every decision we make at Doctors’ Choice Naturopathic and are the basis of our commitment to our patients.

Passion.  Inspiration.  Nourishment.  

Our Mission

At Doctors’ Choice Naturopathic Clinic, our mission is simple:  To Transform Your Health.

We strive to create a space so innately comfortable that you are at ease to unpack the complexities of your health so that together, we can create lasting and effective change for you.  It is our goal that you leave our clinic feeling better than when you arrived,  every single time.

Our Core Values

The following list of core values reflects what truly matters to us.  They are the foundation of our clinic philosophy and inform every decision we make as an organization.

1.  We nurture & inspire our patients

Our patients are the reason we exist.  With the full menu of healthcare practitioners in Vancouver to choose from, we are honoured that you choose us.  Thus, we strive with every visit to exceed your expectations, inspiring you to greater health of body, mind and spirit.

At Doctors’ Choice Naturopathic Clinic, our mission is to transform your health.

As a result, we go to extraordinary lengths to nurture and inspire you.   Through ongoing patient education, top quality medicines, an integrative model of care and exemplary customer service, we provide you with the tools and support you need to make your health goals a reality.  Most importantly, we work together with you as a team, making your goals our goals.

Docere, Doctor as Teacher, is a foundational premise of Naturopathic Medicine and the work we do at Doctors’ Choice Naturopathic Clinic. Dr. Reid takes precious time each visit to teach you about your health and the recommendations she is making, equipping you with the tools you need to make effective change.

“Knowledge is power’” (Sir Francis Bacon, 1597), and as Uncle Ben counselled Spiderman, “with great power comes great responsibility.” Dr. Reid believes that understanding our body and how it works empowers us to make the necessary changes in our health. It is through these changes that we become well.

Promoting health through education is foundational to who we are at Doctors’ Choice Naturopathic. We host complimentary health seminars the last Wednesday of every month, open to both patients and the public. Each month features a new topic. Please register early as space is increasingly limited for these very popular events.
We work hard to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in our clinic because your comfort is our top priority. Situated in a beautiful heritage house surrounded by gardens, our clinic is unlike any other healthcare space in the city. We hope you will feel at home here.
Your care and comfort is our greatest priority. We challenge ourselves to exceed your expectations every time you work with us. Honoured that you choose us, we demonstrate our gratitude through the exemplary service we provide.
At Doctors' Choice Naturopathic Vancouver, we inspire and nourish our patients.
At Doctors' Choice Naturopathic Vancouver, quality matters.

2.  We provide you with the highest quality natural medicines available.

The quality of the medicines you take, matters.

As a result, the medicines we provide our patients are the best natural medicines you can buy. They are lab tested and guaranteed to be free of any toxins, impurities, or unnecessary ingredients. Combining the brilliance of nature with the expertise of science, we provide you with medicines you can trust.

 3.  We support an integrative model of healthcare with YOU, the patient, at the centre of care.

We believe a team approach to healthcare best meets the needs of the patient.  And thus, given your permission, Dr. Reid will work together with your medical doctor and other healthcare practitioners to optimize your health experience.  We believe this integrative approach provides you with the best support and medical care possible.

At Doctors' Choice Naturopathic Vancouver, integrative care is a cornerstone of our treatments.
At Doctors' Choice Naturopathic Vancouver, we listen actively and compassionately.

 4.  We listen actively & compassionately.  We act with integrity & respect.

At Doctors’ Choice Naturopathic Clinic you are a human being first and a patient second.  Thus, we will always communicate with you compassionately, respectfully and with the utmost integrity.  We profoundly respect the therapeutic relationship we have with you, honouring who and how you are in this world.  And so Thank-You, for choosing us.

5.  We challenge ourselves to greatness.

A daily exercise at Doctors’ Choice Naturopathic is asking ourselves the question:

What can we do today to be truly great in our healthcare and service to our patients?”

We believe that each one of us deserves the absolute best and hence we challenge ourselves to be truly great ~ for you, but also for ourselves.

Making health changes can be difficult and overwhelming at times.  We intimately get this because wherever possible, we do the work we ask of our patients.  This enables us to be right there with you, understanding and supporting your process.   And doing this work keeps us authentic, vibrant and well.

At Doctors' Choice Naturopathic Vancouver, we support your greatness.
At Doctors' Choice Naturopathic Vancouver, we value the environment.

6.  We value the world around us.

Our planet is our life-source ~ our food, our water, our shelter, our medicine.   Living healthfully enables us to live lighter on the earth, and we are grateful for this.  At the clinic, we choose to use and support earth friendly products and companies wherever possible.  We are committed to expanding our health awareness and stewardship to our families, our communities and the natural world around us.