Common health problems such as digestive issues, fatigue, skin or hormonal problems and more are successfully treated with Naturopathic Medicine.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over & over again, but expecting different results.”

~ Albert Einstein

The key, then, is in doing things differently.

We treat many things at Doctors’ Choice Naturopathic Clinic. Below are some of the common health problems people bring us. Our expertise, is in our ability to think differently. To look at things in a new way. To challenge what we think we know, and then to truly, THINK DIFFERENTLY to find a lasting solution.

The following is in no way diagnostic, nor do the tips provided substitute for medical advice.


Are you bloated, gassy, or uncomfortable after eating? Do you get heartburn or have irregular stools (timing or consistency)?

consider stress...

Stress shuts down digestive function lending towards food sensitivities and chronic indigestion. It is what you eat, but perhaps not in the way you think!


Are you chronically low in energy? Do you often hit an afternoon slump and need a coffee or sweets to perk you up?

Check your adrenals:

Perhaps your cortisol or sugars are out of whack, leaving you depleted and exhausted. Take our ‘stress questionnaire’ to see if your adrenal glands could use a little love.


Do you struggle with acne, eczema or psoriasis? Did you have clear skin as a teen but it has gotten worse in your 20's or 30's?

beautiful skin starts within

Food sensitivities, hormones, liver and digestive health… All of these play major roles in radiant skin! Since food affects all of these causative factors, consider investigating possible food sensitivities first…


Do you have painful or heavy periods? Is your libido low? How's your sleep? Your energy? Your weight? Mood? Blood sugars?


Did you know that your liver & digestive systems are largely responsible for hormone balance? Perhaps a detox is needed… Get advice on what is the most effective & safest route for you.


Have you ‘dieted yourself to your current weight’ and no matter what you do, the pounds just won't budge? We can help!

it isn't just calories & lack of exercise

Weight gain is NOT just diet & exercise; It is a result of inflammation, hormonal imbalance, toxicity and other factors. Figure out what is really causing your weight gain and watch the pounds melt away!


Do you get colds frequently? Are you bothered by allergies? Do you struggle with auto-immune disease?


Over 70% of immune function is controlled by the microflora (bugs) in our gut. Consider professional brand probiotics to rebuild your immune system, prevent allergies or treat autoimmunity.


Do you struggle with anxiety, depression or mood imbalance of any sort? Have you tried different meds and you still don't feel good?


A huge portion of the body’s feel-good hormones (serotonin & gaba) are made by the gut. What is the health of your digestive system? Really, it’s not all in your head!


Do you have trouble falling or staying asleep? Do you wake around 3 every night and get up exhausted in the mornings?


Great sleep requires a fine balance of hormones. Check your adrenals for deficiency ~ an imbalance here throws your sleep / wake cycle off in a way that no amount of melatonin can fix!


Are you in chronic or constant pain? Does it keep you awake at night or affect your daily activities and quality of life?

how toxic are you?

Inflammation caused by food sensitivities or toxicity (from foods, stress, chemical exposures…) can create chronic pain. Call us to learn about natural ways to effectively and permanently resolve pain syndromes.