Registered Holistic Nutritionist

I had the pleasure of working with Emily, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Emily is professional, kind and wonderfully excited to share her knowledge in order to create a realistic and beneficial plan. Her guidance helped me so much I believe she would be a great benefit to anyone seeking holistic nutritional services!

Felicity Cobb

Meet Emily d’Aoust, RHN

Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Emily turned to nutrition when nothing else was working for her own health. It wasn’t until she realized that until she changed her diet, she would not heal. After finally getting back to the healthiest version of herself, she wanted to do the same for others. She studied at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Her schooling gave her an understanding of body imbalances and how to support it through nourishment with the appropriate foods.

Emily has worked in a restaurant that only sources their food from local farmers and producers. This gave her a deeper understanding of sustainability, food that is in season, organically grown and locally sourced. She believes that one’s connection and relationship with food is just as important as a healthy diet. 

In her practice, Emily will focus on the foods you CAN eat.

Diets are often restrictive, she will teach you which foods you can not only enjoy but are also supporting your body’s healing process. Food and eating shouldn’t be complicated or stressful; it should nourish you from the inside out!

When Emily’s not at the clinic, she’s likely at a farmer’s market, enjoying BC’s wilderness, camping, or at home cooking something delicious!

Come see Emily and let her show you how nutrition can improve your health and wellness!

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Emily is in good standing with the following professional organization:

  • CSNN Alumni Association

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you continuously concerned about what to eat? Are you tired of coming up with new recipes? Do you have a limited diet due to food sensitivities or food allergies?  Our Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Emily, can help!

Emily helps her clients by creating custom meal plans that erase diet frustration while at the same time supporting and nourishing the body.

She has a deep understanding of how certain foods can help the body with a number of conditions and concerns.  After just your second visit, you’ll go home with a comprehensive customized 7 day meal plan including recipes and a complete grocery list.  Let Emily show you how eating can be stress-free, nourishing and most importantly, enjoyable!

We get this one a lot!  Who do I see first?  Who can help me the most?  Where should I spend my money?  The answer depends on your health goals:

If you are seeking a deeper understanding of your health or are experiencing concerns about your body, then seeing a Naturopathic Doctor may be the best place to start.  In this case, a Holistic Nutritionist can support your health goals by creating a diet plan that can compliment the recommendations from your Naturopathic doctor.

If you are looking to amp up your diet and are seeking guidance in doing so, than a Holistic Nutritionist is the perfect fit!  Book in today and Emily can get you on track straight away.

A Dietitian has completed a degree through university.  Dietetics is a regulated profession in BC.  A Holistic Nutritionist has completed a privately owned training program resulting in a diploma.

A Dietitian primarily follows Canada’s Food Guide and gives this as a resource.  A Registered Holistic Nutritionist tailors a diet plan to the person’s needs to support their health conditions or goals. You will often find Dietitians working in hospitals, food research and creating meal structures for schools, large corporations and assisted living houses.  Holistic Nutritionists are usually self employed or working in integrative health care spaces.

A Holistic Nutritionist will customize a meal plan for you.  This means you get a complete diet plan (with recipes and shopping lists) to support your individual health goals.  We are literally what we eat: allow your food to become your medicine.  Our Holistic Nutrtionist, Emily, can help!

Coverage for Holistic Nutrition services depends upon your extended health care provider.  We recommend asking your employer or contacting your health benefits plan to determine your level of coverage.

Nutrition Services Menu

  • Holistic Nutrition Initial Visit (1 Hour)   $125

  • Holistic Nutrition Followup Visit (30 minutes)   $85

  • The Full Meal Deal – everything including dessert!   $300

    (This ‘All-In’ nutrition package includes your Initial Visit (1hour) 2 Follow-up visits (30 minutes each), a personally tailored meal plan and two 15 minute Coaching Calls!)

  • Please note:   Missed visits or cancellations without 24 hours are subject to a Missed Visit Fee of $50.

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