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The Health Benefits of Fermented Foods

Kimchi.  Miso.  Kefir.  Sauerkraut.  Olives.  Fermented veg.  Cured sausages.  Sourdough Bread.  Artisan cheeses.... This sounds like the perfect charcuterie!  Pair it with a kombucha cocktail or fermented beer, and who's to lose with this happy hour made in digestive heaven?! Fermentation: an Ancient Tradition turned Hip & Healthful Fermented foods have taken on a massive [...]

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Green Smoothies Even Your Kids Will Love!

Smoothies, and in particular green smoothies, are a fun and fantastically easy way to get a bucket of nutrients into yourself and your kids.  I’ll admit, the first time I heard about having a ‘green shake’, I absolutely balked at the idea: How could blending a salad be even remotely delicious?  And you think my [...]

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Morning muffins so good they’re pure magic!

One of my favourite things to do in the morning before my house stirs, is bake muffins.  Their warm and comforting smell as it curls through the house is truly the best wake-up call.  It certainly was for me as a child. On Monday morning of this week, as I was meditatively muffin-making, my littlest [...]

Southwest Chickpea Burgers: a Pantry Medicine Meal!

In the theme of pantry meals and canned beans, I created this amazingly simple (and if I may say so, DELICIOUS!) chick-pea burger recipe that my family absolutely loved (and with two littles in the house, I've got some serious critics)! Topped with a dollop of medicine pesto, these burgs have quickly become regular fare [...]

Kombucha. Fermented Foods are Friends!

What really is Kombucha?! Fermented foods have gained much popularity in recent years, in large part, due to their healthy gut benefits!  Kombucha is a mildly fizzy and slightly sour drink, that has become sought after as an alternative to the processed carbonated drinks that are often high in sugar, artificial colours or sweeteners. Kombucha [...]

Ultimate Comfort Food- Black Bean Brownies

Black Bean Brownies Bored of black beans? Not us! This recipe uses canned black beans in a way that you probably wouldn't expect, in an ultimate comfort food brownie recipe! This is one of the easiest "sweet" treat recipes I have created and it uses ingredients that are commonly found in our pantries! An added [...]

Delectably Delicious Chocolate Tofu Pie

Once upon a time, this recipe was saved for potlucks and gatherings.  It is now a breakfast meal as myself and my family are looking for delicious ways to enhance our mood! This chocolate tofu pie is full of mood supportive nutrition and tastes simply divine. Ingredients: FILLING: Combine the following ingredients in a food [...]

Hearty Pea Soup with a Mint Twist!

This week my family enjoyed a new twist on our usual Hearty Pea Soup - Mint!  Not what I would usually put in our soup, and my kids gave me very puzzled faces when I told them, yet we gobbled it up bowl after bowl! This soup is incredibly easy to make, and in our [...]

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Emily d’Aoust’s Nourishing Bone Broth

Bone broth has a rich history of being used in traditional Chinese culture to support the body in many ways. The compounds found in the bones and connective tissues -- collagen and minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus -- have many benefits for our body. Cooking collagen turns it into gelatin, which provides the [...]

Nutrition for Lockdown: Immune nutrients right in your produce drawer!

We've been getting calls daily from our patients and the public alike, looking for Vitamin C and other immune supports.  It seems, that next to toilet paper and hand sanny, these medicines have quickly become the hottest item in limited supply!  But thankfully, they're out there in abundance if you just know where to look! [...]

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